Notice Regarding Maintenance

Note: This was written on 8.5.2014 at 12 PM Noon.

All data has been succesfully transferred; this is what's going to happen when it shuts down next:
1. I will shut it off to preserve the database and files.
2. I will transfer any new files.
3. I will transfer the database.
4. I will set up the database users and update the database credentials. (Done)
5. I will pray that everything works and start it up.
6. After checking and verifying that things work, I will modify the hosts in the Sudomemo CDN, flush all content from the cache, and reopen Sudomemo.
7. I will get something to eat and listen to some loud music from NPR Classical, Twitch, or The Living Tombstone .
8. I will start working on setting up the DNS daemon and TCP forwarding for the new connection method.

I want to do that right now, but I will probably do it tomorrow. Stay tuned, folks!

Austin Burk