Standards for Communication on Sudomemo

Standards for Communication on Sudomemo

Hi Sudomemo users!

I understand that we haven't really defined much of what we consider swearing. When on Sudomemo, we ask that you use only polite language. You all know what is generally considered polite and impolite, and challenge you to hold yourself to a high standard. This isn't a blanket ban on vocabulary words: There are some contexts in which certain words aren't being used in an improper manner. For example: "Hell" is a rude word when used in a certain context. (Religious freedom is fine. Bashing religions isn't. You may discuss hell and heaven.) Any other words that are explicit are forbidden; if we catch you doing this you will first receive a warning and then a ban.

I've noticed that a lot of users believe this to be an irrelevant or unfair policy, as "kids use this language anyway nowadays", which is true. This should not be the case. A lot of Sudomemo users are 13 and younger. Part of the reason you'll see kids cuss has to do with how they look up to older people, and the standards they see which are accepted around them. The Sudomemo staff do not want Sudomemo to be a bad influence! Our rules and standards are here for a reason. I'm sorry if you find them irrelevant, antiquated, or unfair!

The number of kids we have here may, or may not be small, but we won't be telling them they have to go so we could allow cursing. Imagine if you joined Hatena when you were nine or ten, and that happened to you. Regardless, our rules are here to protect the environment, and it's fair to obey them.

It's something that sets us apart.

Thanks for reading. :)