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Sudomemo - Getting Started

Follow these instructions carefully!

Sudomemo cannot be reached on your DSi unless you change some of your system settings first.

These changes will simply redirect you to Sudomemo when your DSi tries to connect to Hatena through the Flipnote Studio app.

We have a tutorial video, Japanese instructions, as well as written English instructions.

Tutorial Video

For Japan (日本人ユーザーの場合)

Written Instructions

Flipnote Studio ID

For this, you will need your 16-digit Flipnote Studio ID. You can find this by opening Flipnote Studio and tapping the wrench (🔧) icon in the top-right of the Touch Screen.

Step 1

Go to the System Settings application on your DSi. Scroll right to page three (3), where you will find an option for 'Internet'. From there, choose 'Connection Settings'.

Step 2

You should now see three numbered connections; 1, 2 and 3.

If any of these connections are for the Wi-Fi hotspot that you are using at the moment, then please clear that connection. It will conflict with the connection that we are about to set up.

Go ahead and tap 'Advanced Settings'.

Step 3

You will be presented with three more numbered connection, this time, 4, 5 and 6.

If any of these connections are for the Wi-Fi hotspot that you are using at the moment, then skip to Step 5.

Step 4

We will set up a new connection to your Wi-Fi hotspot. Choose a free connection slot and then tap 'Search for an Access Point'.

You will need to pick your Wi-Fi Hotspot and enter the security key (Wi-Fi password) if needed. Once done, save the connection and move on to the next step.

Step 5

This is where we enter the settings needed to connect to Sudomemo.

Select the connection that you are going to be using, then 'Change Settings'.

Step 6

Go through the options until you see 'Proxy Settings'.

Select 'Yes', then proceed to 'Detailed Setup'.

If you need to turn off the proxy to use the browser or use other functions online, repeat this step, but select "No" instead.

Step 7

This is the important bit!

Type '' as the Proxy Server, and enter '80' as the Port.

Make sure you have entered both correctly, then tap the right arrow on the screen to switch to the "Basic Authentication" screen.

Note: The name of this menu may differ depending on your system language. It should indicate something along the lines of the "Authentication".

Step 8

Once you've opened up the Basic Authentication menu, you'll want to enter the credentials you just set.

For the username, enter your 16-digit Flipnote Studio ID. This needs to be in all capital letters!

For the password, enter several random letters and numbers -- do not use your Sudomemo password here.

Step 9

Save the settings and run a connection test.

Return to the DSi Menu and open Flipnote Studio. Sudomemo can be accessed using the Flipnote Hatena button within Flipnote Studio.

Logging In

Once you successfully connect to Sudomemo, tap on Creator's Room. You will be prompted to post a comment -- a blank comment works fine.

If you haven't signed up yet, or haven't set up your email and password yet, then you'll be prompted for your email address, which we will send a verification email to, and a password.

If you have already signed up, you will be prompted to enter your password. You may need to confirm your email if you haven't already done so.

Once this is done, you're all set!

A few things to note:

  • You will receive the error code 340401 when you first connect to Sudomemo after opening Flipnote Studio. Connect once more to continue; this is presently unavoidable.
  • Turn the proxy OFF (see Step 6) if you plan on accessing any other resources, such as the DSi Browser or any other functions that use the Internet.