January 14th, 2019: Sudomemo Weekly News

Hello everyone! This is Sudofox with the Sudomemo Weekly News! We have some exciting new updates for you this week. But first, the winners of our Weekly Topic, Light and Shadow!

Our Favorite Flipnotes from Weekly Topic - "Light And Shadow"

We got some excellent submissions from KIKARU, むらまっちゃ, SilverNek○, and geezer.

This Weeks Topic - "Magical Workplace"

It could be Santa's shop, or a busy office of wizards processing paperwork, or something entirely else! Tell us a story about where a world of magic meets the reality of day to day life.

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Updates To Sudomemo

Better Ranking

This week, we rolled out an all-new ranking algorithm for Sudomemo! It's designed to measure current interest and engagement with Flipnotes, rather than past interest! This has a few effects:

- Hot Flipnotes will actually be hot and it will update very quickly!

- Old Flipnotes will be able to get popular again.

- When you share your Flipnotes on other social media platforms by linking back to Theatre, your ranking can soar if they get popular!

Things like lots of people commenting, stars, views, new comments, spinoffs, downloads, stars, and many other things will affect the rankings, so don't forget to encourage your viewers to interact, and to share your Flipnotes to other sites!

Profile Picture Changes

Some cool new citizen features are coming soon! In anticipation of this, we are now allowing all users to update their profile image, no citizenship needed.

Random Flipnotes

You can now browse Flipnotes randomly selected from the past five years on Sudomemo. On Sudomemo Theatre, go to any Flipnote section and click Random. On Sudomemo, go to Browse Flipnotes and select "Random Flipnotes" from the dropdown menu. There's some wonderful stuff in there, so please give it a try!

Performance Improvements

You should see a noted improvement in how long it takes to view Flipnotes inside a channel on Sudomemo, as well as a much faster time for the Recent Flipnotes to update (down to 10-20 seconds from every minute).

Sudomemo Theatre Improvements

We fixed a small issue where Flipnotes embedded on other webpages might have the scrollbar appear for a little bit. We'll work on further improving the embed code to make it as simple as possible while still being flexible for any size webpage.

Don't forget to share your Flipnotes to other sites! This is the quickest way to get them the views they deserve.

That's all for this week's Sudomemo Weekly News! See you next week!