February 11th, 2019: Sudomemo Weekly News

Hello everyone! This is Sudofox with the Sudomemo Weekly News! We have a VERY special event going on that you can join in on til the end of the month, along with a few updates to Sudomemo!

Sudomemo Nintendo Switch Game Giveaway

We're giving out THREE FREE SWITCH GAMES! You can get any Switch game, including Smash Bros. Ultimate (or up to ~$60 of eShop credit)! Want to enter? Just watch a few short Flipnotes - fun, short little animations from our community's many up-and-coming young artists and animators!

Your chances are good, so don't miss out! Go to sudome.me/smash-giveaway for all the details.

Our Favorite Flipnotes from Weekly Topic - "Interpretive Dance"

A classic Flipnote dance by KyokîAnita.

Another win for OddTier with this great little shuffle!

Some excellent work from Cosmirage! Some of the facial expressions (especially Frame 155) had me in stitches.

This Weeks Topic - "Valentine's Day (2019)"

Last week was a bit slower, but this week's topic, "Valentine's Day (2019)" should bring some love into the air!

Updates To Sudomemo

Profile Bios

You can now add a short profile bio. Select "Edit Biography" in the Settings menu in your Creator's Room to set it; it will display on Sudomemo Theatre (as well as on Sudomemo itself in an upcoming update.)

Sudomemo Ranking Changes

- We've remedied an issue where the Most Popular feedback-loops back into front page of the Hot Flipnotes.

Sudomemo Theatre Updates

- We've resolved the "click" that was heard at the beginning of Flipnotes played on Sudomemo Theatre. Coincidentally, this has also significantly improved looping Flipnotes.

- We've significantly improved Flipnote load time on Sudomemo Theatre with some backend optimizations.

That's all for this week's Sudomemo Weekly News! See you next week!