1 Million Flipnotes Event

Hello, this is Sudofox and User here with a special announcement!

As most of you are probably already aware, Sudomemo recently reached a total of over 1 million Flipnotes.

If you’d like to see the momentous occasion for yourself, in all its glory, the 1 millionth Flipnote posted to Sudomemo can be found here:

It really is something to behold. A truly stunning display of grandeur.

1 million is quite a large number, so to help you visualise that many Flipnotes, here's some interesting statistics:

- It would take over 47 weeks to watch every single Flipnote on Sudomemo from start to finish, without any breaks.

- There's approximately 7,000 miles (~11,000 km) of individual Flipnote frames on Sudomemo; that's enough drawings to go over a quarter of the way around the Earth!

As part of our celebration, we gave out free Sudomemo citizenship and color stars to everybody who was online when the 1 millionth Flipnote was posted. We hope those of you who were lucky enough to get the reward will enjoy it! (:

For the second half of the celebration, we're announcing a special competition that you can enter.

★ Theme Design Competition

This is like the Weekly Topic competitions, but with a twist -- all of the winning entries will be turned into Creator's Room themes, available from the Theme Store!!

This competition has now closed. Be sure to check the Sudomemo Weekly News articles for the winners!