2024 Foolipnote Fight Competition Results!

Thank You for Entering the Foolipnote Fight Competition!

We were blown away by the enthusiasm and creativity displayed by the whole community. Everybody did a great job. Whether you crafted an epic stick fight animation or simply joined in on the fun, your contribution has helped make this event a success.

But unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

And the kitty has spoken: “meow 🐱 👍 ”

The FOOLipnote chosen by SwordL's pet cat is…

Still itching for more stickfighting? Well get ready for the most action packed event of the season:

THE SUDOMEMO FLIPNOTE FIGHT COMPETITION!!! (Yes, the real one this time)

In collaboration with Hyuns Dojo, we present the Sudomemo FFC Spring 2024 Edition!

From **April 14th to April 28th**, dive into the world of stickfight animation and showcase your animation skills. Mark your calendars and get ready to bring your A-game, as there are some amazing prizes to be won!

(Weekly Topics scheduled for those weeks will be pushed forward.)

All winners: Spring 2023 Sudomemo F.F.C. trophy

- 1st place: 1 year of Sudomemo Plus, Bailey Flitwing Ticket ($40 value)

- 2nd place: 6 months of Sudomemo Plus, Lazy Paisley Ticket ($20 value)

- 3rd-5th place: 3 months of Sudomemo Plus. ($6 value)

More details to come. Happy Flipnoting!