Two years ago, I had a little side project involving Flipnote Hatena. I needed a logo of sorts so I googled "pixel fox", looking for something in the style of Flipnote Frog, and used what I found. By doing so, I committed an act of plagiarism. I shouldn't have used it in the first place, much less for the duration that I eventually ended up using it -- for one and a half years.

I want to make it right. So anyone reading this should know that yes, I used that without permission, yes, there was a decent period of time where I knew who the real creator was, since a few months ago and did not take action then, yes, I wanted to make it right so I contacted the artist recently, and yes, I am under some pressure to post this message. I take full responsibility of my actions and ask forgiveness.

The creator of the Pixel Fox which has inevitably become associated with Sudomemo can be found here:




Thank you.