Ho ho ho

Merry Christmas from the Sudomemo staff! To celebrate Christmas - the season of giving - we have decided to give everybody three gifts!

★ Free color stars

We've given everybody five green stars to use, but spend them wisely! Perhaps you could give them to your friends as a present, or buy yourself a shiny new Creator's Room theme.

★ Free Creator's Room theme

Speaking of which; User has made a free Creator's Room theme that you can use to celebrate the festivities, but be sure get it quickly as it may not be free for long. (:

★ New Feature

In addition to the festive celebrations, we have made improvements to the channel system by adding Categories. We hope that this feature will make it easier for you to find the right channel to post your Flipnotes to, even if it may be a little bit confusing at first. Please email any suggestions to!

There may not be any more updates until the New Year, as we settle down to spend more time with our family and friends, but we'd really like to thank you for all of your amazing support this year. We hope to continue developing Sudomemo into 2016, and we very excited about some of the new features and additions that we're experimenting with, so stay tuned. c:

In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy these gifts, and that you all have a very pleasant holiday! Thank you so much for using Sudomemo! (: