Regarding Sudocraft and May 20th

##### SUDOCRAFT AND MAY 20th ##### Dear Sudomemo users,

As May 20th (the last day of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection) approaches, I feel that it's fair to warn you that Sudomemo, after that date, may no longer be directly accessible via the Flipnote Studio application. If it happens (don't panic, guys, Sudomemo isn't going to disappear or be shut down!), don't worry. All your data is safe on the server.

Now, I've had a few ideas to expand the services I'm providing... How about 'Sudocraft!', a Minecraft server? Or an IRC server with a DSi Browser-friendly client? I've already got the Minecraft server set up. I don't play it myself, though, so I can't test it. port 25565

It uses the basic, offical Minecraft server. If it gets popular then I'll switch to something better. Have fun, and go make some cool stuff. I think it's in survival mode.

Of course, it'd still be nice to receive some donations; I'm in the hole from last month anyways (live stats at

Ideas are welcome! How about an IRC server?

Austin Burk (Sudofox)