This is Austin (Sudofox) with a bit of an announcement.

I've been running Sudomemo for two years, without a single break. We've been going through some big changes lately, which has caused no end of things to do. And we need a break.


At 4 PM EDT tomorrow, Sudomemo will be paused. This means you will not be able to access it. This "pause" will end in seven days, at 4 PM EDT on Sunday the 24th, after which Sudomemo will once again be entirely accessible for

A few things to mention: There'll be SUDOMEMO IS SHUTTING DOWN panic, no doubt. This is not true at all. That's why I am calling it a "pause": Pauses are always resumed, and Sudomemo will be accessible again.

To whoever is sending us death threats: you are a unrespectable person, and when we find out who you are we will be contacting the police. I will not put up with anybody abusing my friends and fellow moderators in any way.

To people who entered the weekly topic: we'll announce the winners next week. There is no weekly topic this week.

Thanks for being awesome, guys. I'll see you in a week.