Sudomemo's 10th Birthday Bash

Come join the fun!

Come one, come all! Sudomemo's 10th birthday is fast approaching and everyone is invited!

Registration of attendance will start on January 29th, 2024 at 3 PM Eastern Time. You can show up at any time that you want until the end of the day, though!

Sudomemo's 10th Birthday Bash: It's Party Time!

Hey everyone! We're turning 10, and we're going BIG! Here's the scoop on the super cool stuff we've got lined up:

What's going on?

- Special Trophy for Early Birds!: Be among the first to register and snag an awesome trophy for your collection. How cool is that?

- Voice Chat Party - Talk, Laugh, Connect!: Dive into the chat and meet fellow Sudomemo fans from all over! Share stories, laugh together, and make new friends.

- Drawpile with Meggo - Doodle Time!: Join Meggo for a wild art session. All skill levels welcome!

- Karaoke Bash - Sing Your Heart Out!: Step into the spotlight in our Karaoke zone. We'll be taking a trip through some of the classic songs that we all grew up with, from year to year.

- Chill Watch Party - Movies with Mates!: Relax and enjoy movies with the community. It's the perfect way to wind down the day.

Plus, we've got some jaw-dropping new features to unveil, and huge announcements about Sudomemo's future that you won't want to miss!

Don't miss out – let's make this birthday the best one yet!

We'll have lots of fun interactive events, some announcements, and there will be special online memorabilia for those who attend.

Again, registration of attendance will start on January 29th, 2024 at 3 PM Eastern Time.

Happy Flipnoting as always!

(This article will be updated as the day of our Birthday Bash grows closer. Make sure to check back frequently!)


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