Sudomemo Weekly News - April 4th, 2014

Greetings people in the Sudomemo Community!

As you all know, we have over 3000 users! To represent how much we care about you as much as you care about Sudomemo, we would like to add a new feature and that is Sudo Weekly! Sudo Weekly is like the previous Flipnote Hatena's Weekly News and Weekly Topic. If you don't know what those two are then I can tell you what they were back then. Weekly News basically tells about many things that roam around Flipnote Hatena with updates, events, and feature creators from all three regional areas: Japan, Europe and Oceania, and Americas and Weekly Topic is basically contests. Weekly Topic was also featured in part of Weekly News featuring Flipnotes and detailed photos that wowed the admins' attention in the Flipnote Hatena Community along with mini comments from them as well. Anyways, enjoyed Pseudomemo on April 1st, 2014? No matter where you are, Sudobanana is always watching you from every Flipnote you click~ There will be creators featured from Sudo Weekly every week. You might be familiar with some of the creators you will see being interviewed. Maybe it can be you next week but for now that pretty much wraps everything else up! If there is one thing I can add I want to thank Austin Burk himself for accepting the idea of writing Sudo Weekly! Have a great time on Sudomemo!

This edition of Sudomemo Weekly written by: ☆Pikachu☆😃