January 15th: Sudomemo Weekly News - Topic: "Swerving And Skidding"

Hey there everyone, DeepRising here with the Weekly Newsletter and Weekly Topic competition.

We had a great response to last week's topic “Swerving And Skidding”, and a selection of our favorite winning entries are coming up.

You can view all of the submissions for this topic on its Weekly Topic channel by clicking this link Weekly Topic - Swerving And Skidding

If you're thinking about making a topic Flipnote, don't forget to check out next week's topic theme and description, with ideas and inspiration to get you started, as well as the upcoming Topics listed at the end of the Newsletter.

And now, here are the winning Flipnotes from last week's topic "Swerving And Skidding".

Well done to everyone who entered.

Our Favorite Flipnotes from last weeks Topic "Swerving And Skidding"

It’s pizza time! And the journey to the pizzeria is fraught with dangers such as video games, obstacles, and a slippery banana peel, in our first topic winning selection this week, by Wunty.

Featuring a nifty little car as well as some extreme swerving and skidding, the hungry driver skillfully negotiates video games, obstacles, and a slippery banana peel, all for his pizza treat.

We also really enjoyed the numerous,perfectly placed spot and game sound effects that make this a feast for the ears as well as the eyes.

In this quest for “The Artifact”, by Seraphymx, an awesome biker swerves and skids his way through the vastness of an arid desert to attain his goal.

We loved the stylish compositions and character drawing here, as well as the highly effective animation techniques that use rough lines with smooth movements to create amazing and cinematic results.

This hilarious topic winner, by ⒷIⒷⒷⒶ stars Loaf the Cat in a road racing adventure of epic proportions.

Watch him go as he swerving and skidding over hill and dale. That cat’s got some serious motoring moves!

But wait, what’s this…….?

Oh Nooooooooo, Loaf Bomb!!!

Mario and Luigi rev-up to the starting line for the race of their lives in this topic winning entry by Mario209.

Their souped up opponents however have other ideas, and leaving the hapless plumbers in a cloud of dust and smoke they race for the finish!

With fine detailed vehicles, expressive character performance, and great pacing, the speed 7 action reaches its climax with one last surprise.

Tune in to see what lies in wait for them at the finish line!

Speed merchant Sonic The Hedgehog comes unstuck when, tripping on a rock, he goes into an out of control skid and careers down a mountain, in this topic winning Flipnote by DIO.

The use of wizz-lines and changing character orientation works well to show the gradual loss of control, until eventually he’s facing in completely the wrong direction!

This Dubstep scored Mario Kart race, created by Dr dermode sees the Italian plumbers once again, but this time in heated conflict.

Animated using thick-line dynamic action with a host of exciting Flipnote effects, both the Karts and their drivers throw swerves and curves at one another in a knockout race to the finish bell!

This Weeks Topic - "Wiggling"

Wiggling is a body movement often used in dance. So an MV would be a great way to go with this topic.

But wiggling also occurs in walking and sassy physical expressions, and could be great fun to animate with.

Why not try it out with your OCs?

Or how about wiggling non-character objects, such as buildings, furniture, shapes, lines, text, and anything else you can think of.

Let’s all have some wiggly fun, and start making a wiggle-topic Flipnote today!

We really love the way you're all so creative with these topics and look forward to seeing the Flipnotes you create for them.

Make sure to post your entries to the Weekly Topic channel Weekly Topic - Wiggling and the deadline for your entries is January 22nd (12pm EST / 4pm GMT).

We would also encourage you to add a description to your Flipnotes. This is your opportunity to explain any points of interest and specific details that we could feature in the topic winner reviews.

And don't forget, if you want a cool thumbnail picture on your Flipnote, whichever frame you save the Flipnote on, that will become the thumbnail. So choose your favorite frame for this, or add in a cool title page at the end, and save on that.

Keep on Flipnoting and the best of luck with your entries.

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