January 22nd, 2016 - Sudomemo Weekly News

Greetings, inhabitants of Sudomemo, this is Vee and User from the Sudomemo staff. We come in peace with the latest Sudomemo Weekly News!

★ Our Favorite Flipnotes from Last Week's Topic - "Space"

We'd like to thank everyone who entered, there were some outstanding Flipnotes this week -- deciding which ones to feature was very difficult! We recommend checking out the Weekly Topic - Space channel to watch them all! (:

Here are our favorite entries:

We really enjoyed the music and fluid animation in this Flipnote by Chibe:

Go on an adventure through space in this Flipnote by JT:

We thought the artwork in this Flipnote by Francey was fantastic!

Natemine made a Flipnote in which two characters have a discussion about personal space, which quickly escalates:

This funny Flipnote by JayToons features two rather annoying planets:

(Fun fact: they're singing the theme from Kubrick's "2001 - a Space Odyssey".)

As a reward for their excellent work, the creators of these Flipnotes have been given some color stars to use, as well as Sudomemo Citizenship. Congratulations! (:

We hope that you had fun with this topic! If you didn't make an entry this week, perhaps you'll consider making an entry for our next one!

★ This Week's Topic - "Heroes"

This week's topic is "Heroes".

In addition to the obvious superhero theme, we'd like to see Flipnotes about personal heroes, everyday heroes, or perhaps unexpected heroes. (:

When you've finished your entry, please post it to the Weekly Topic - Heroes channel. You can find the Weekly Topic channels on the DSi, by going to category #8 from the 'Channels' menu.

You have until Friday the 29th of January to post your entry, then we will be featuring some of our favorites again in the weekly news!

★ Updates

This week also brings some small changes to Sudomemo:

1) Changes to the Theme Store

By popular request, Sudomemo Citizenship is no longer required to access the Creator's Room themes!! You will still need color stars to exchange for any themes that aren't free, but remember that you receive color stars - along with Sudomemo Citizenship - if you donate $3 or more to Sudomemo. Of course, the winners of each Weekly Topic also get color stars and Citizenship.

2) Updates to Sudomemo Theatre

Earlier this week, Sudofox made some adjustments to certain pages on Sudomemo Theatre (the website at www.sudomemo.net).

This includes the ability to share profile pages and Flipnotes to Reddit, and we also made some optimisations that reduce the loading times on certain pages.

In addition to this, initial work to rebuild Sudomemo Theatre has started! It will take some time, although we hope to greatly improve the experience of using the website, and also add some new features in the process. (:

3) Regarding errors and lag this week

Those of you who were on Sudomemo earlier this week may have experienced a number of errors when trying to use the service; the errors have now been fixed, and Sudomemo is running smoothly again, although we'd like to apologize for the outage.

That's everything for this update, we hope that you have a great week! ~ Live long, and prosper.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, then please contact us via our email address: support@sudomemo.net