February 12th, 2016 - Sudomemo Weekly News

Olà! Este é User da equipe Sudomemo, aqui é as ultimas notícias Sudomemo! *

★ Our Favorite Flipnotes from Last Week's Topic - "Carnival"

Although not as popular as our previous topics, there were still some excellent entries! We were surprised by the variety of entries there were for such a specific topic!

Here's a selection of our favorites:

We thought that Ashvin perfectly captured the style and atmosphere of the festival in this Flipnote!

This entry by Jeungiミン features some excellent artwork: [unknown]

☆MC-$TⒶⓇZ☆ made this relaxing pixel-based animation:

SunLucario wrote a weird story about a carnival and used a funny-sounding synthetic voice to narrate it:

We liked this Flipnote by Gem-Jar-O, it was really vibrant and energetic!

As a reward for their excellent work, the creators of these Flipnotes have been given some colored stars to use, as well as Sudomemo Citizenship! Congratulations!!

★ This Week's Topic - "Candy"

The "Carnival" topic had less entries than usual, but maybe everyone was too busy making preparations to swoon their crushes on Valentine's Day, which takes place next week. (';

That's why we decided that the topic for this week should be "candy"!

Perhaps you could make Flipnotes about Valentine's Day candy, magical chocolate factories, or the dangers of eating too much!

Please post your entries to the Weekly Topic - Candy channel, before the topic closes on Friday the 19th of February! You can also find the Weekly Topic channels by going to category #8 from the 'Channels' menu on your DSi. c:

We will be featuring our favorites and giving out prizes next Friday!! (:

★ New Theme - "Chocolate Heart"

User made a candy-inspired Creator's Room theme called "Chocolate Heart", which is now available from the Theme Store for 10 green ★!


We don't have any new features or updates to release this week, but we do hope you've found that the "User Block" feature that came out last week was helpful.

With that said, we would like to announce that we are working on a rather large (and time-consuming) new update. c: It looks like it will take a long time, but it's going to be one of the biggest changes to Sudomemo, and as such we're very excited about it. This is certainly something to look forward to!!

* Credit to KagamiKat™ for translating this week's introduction into Portuguese. Thank you! (:

We hope that you have a great week, Sudomemo <3