April 8th, 2016: Sudomemo Weekly News


This is Sudofox and User from the Sudomemo Staff, with the latest edition of the Sudomemo Weekly News.

★ Our Favorite Flipnotes from Last Week's Topic - Go Outside

For many of us, the weather is starting to get warmer. If you get a particularly nice day, why not take your DSi outside and create a Flipnote inspired by your surroundings?

We thought that the storytelling in this entry by DRAGON☆FOX was very effective:

Econavious created this peaceful nature scene:

We liked the unique style of this Flipnote by Dwanny:

Sometimes the weather can ruin the fun of the outdoors, like in this MV by TURTLEECAT: [unknown]

There's plenty of life to see outside in this entry by =×アリソン×=:

The creators of these fantastic Flipnotes have been given some color stars to use, as well as Sudomemo Citizenship! Congratulations everyone!

All of the entries for this topic can be found on the Weekly Topic: Go Outside! channel. smile emoticon

★ Flipnote Tip

Not everyone is watching your Flipnotes on the DSi. If you post a text-only Flipnote, or something with a lot of text, consider slowing it down so people can read it on the computer!

★ This Week's Topic - "History"

This week, we'd like you to take inspiration from history to create a Flipnote.

Perhaps you can introduce us to your favorite historical figure, rewrite a historical event, or make a Flipnote about time travellers!

Please make sure that you post your entry to the Weekly Topic: History channel before the topic closes on Friday 15th of April.

You can also find all past and present Weekly Topic channels by going to category number 8 from the 'Channels' menu on your DSi.

We can't wait to see your imaginative entries -- good luck!