May 7th, 2017:Sudomemo Weekly News

Hey there everyone, DeepRising here with the Weekly News Letter. There was a great response to last week's topic "Explosions". Well done to everybody who entered. Here are the winning flipnotes.

Our Favorite Flipnotes from last weeks Topic "Explosions"

We loved the idea in this cycling flipnote by Victor, where an endless conveyer belt of bombs explode on cue. Most amusing! There's lovely smooth movement on the conveyer belt and a very dynamic explosions of the bombs!

This awesome action packed entry by Carlos has got giant robots, battle ships, plains, helicopters, bombs and tons and tons of explosions. We absolutely loved it!

There's lots of beautifully animated explosions with great impact in this musical flipnote by Evening.

A hapless soldier is pursued by a bomb on wheels in this flipnote by Pisces-32. He's very uneasy about it, to say the least XD.

「mattboo」™ put together this spectacularly explosive clip show for this week's topic. We were blown out of our seats!

Isn't it always the way. Your having a lovely restful day, when all of a sudden it's ruined by an atomic bomb exploding right next to you! We chuckled ourselves silly at this entry by GameRat101.

The tension is palpable in this cinematic flipnote by LemonLight. And with a Hollywood cast list providing the audio, we were starry eyed indeed!

This flipnote by SimonSK Made us think of 'The GreatEgg Race'. Except in this case the grand finale is considerably more explosive.


This Weeks Topic - "Sky Diving"

This week's topic is Sky Diving. This would include Wing-suit flying, parachuting and also indoor sky diving. A person in free-fall could be great fun to animate, there's loads of possibilities for movement. Their cloths would be flapping in the wind, they often drift around in the rushing air, even their cheeks can ripple as they wizz towards the ground at hundreds of miles per hour. Skilled skydivers often jump in groups, coming together in formations and performing acrobatics in the air. Where as Wing-suit flyers perform dare-devil fly-by s through valleys and over mountains. Real white knuckle stuff.......EEEEK! We really love the way your all so creative with these topics and look forward to seeing the flipnotes you create for them. Make sure to post your entries to the Weekly Topic channel, and the deadline for your entries is the 14th of May. Keep on flipnoting and don't forget your parachute : D.