June 16th: Sudomemo Weekly News - F.A.T.E Competition Results + Topic Resumes with "The Dentist"

Hey there everyone, DeepRising here with the Weekly Newsletter.

Today’s the day we’re announcing the results for our two week competition F.A.T.E. (Flipnote Animation Tribute Event).

You can view all of the submissions for this competition on its channel by clicking this link F.A.T.E. 2024

We had a fantastic response to this contest, with a great many spectacular remakes, and nostalgic Hatena themed Flipnote creations. All of which thrilled us and our panel of judges so much, it was very difficult to pick the winners!

So, here we go everyone!

First of all, let’s introduce the judges!

The Judging Panel Of F.A.T.E. 2024


Hi, I made Sudomemo when I was 17 and then spent the next decade doing my best to keep Flipnote culture alive. Through thick and thin, broke and well-off, I won't ever give up, and I hope you all won't either, so happy Flipnoting!


Hello! It’s me, CerealBowlby! I first joined Flipnote Hatena in 2011, and I’ve been using flipnote ever since.


Hi, I make graphics for Sudomemo sometimes, mostly the DS graphics. You might know me better for Super Mario Bros. CD though haha.


Hi! I’m a long time Flipnote fan from the EU server. I’m one of the graphic designers on team Sudomemo.

Now let's explore the top victors and hear what the judges had to say about each animation:

Sudomemo F.A.T.E (Flipnote Animation Tribute Event) Results

long jump (F.A.T.E) by Yensi

This electrifying animation stole the spotlight, clinching an impressive four gold medals.

Cerealbowlby: Yensi absolutely nails not only the classic animation style of Gizmo, but his fast-paced wit and cleverly-timed gags as well. It’s a clever spin on a classic flipnote while also being wholly original. If I had watched it without sound, I would have easily mistaken it for a long-lost animation from the legend himself.


Sudofox: Omg, you super duper nailed the style here!! Also the twist was just perfect lol We had such great memes back then, the stuff we have nowadays pales in comparison.


Mayro: I appreciate the faithfulness to Gizmo's style, especially the lip sync that is slightly too fast for the audio haha. The skit itself is clever but familiar, and the jokes are well thought out, especially the fourth-wall break of the microphone bit.

For that I award a gold.

Meggo: Incredibly faithful to Gizmos animation style, Yensi showcases an original skit full of slapstick and wit. Every gag hits with great timing, and you can really feel the respect for the source material. This flipnote is innovative, original, and full of classic Hatena authenticity.


F.A.T.E. by zed.32

Sudofox: Zed, I love you man. Your Flipnotes are weird and wacky and I'm so happy you chose to recreate something of Fred's. I loved watching Fred's Flipnotes back in 2011. I actually sent Fred a link to your Flipnote the other day and he replied: "lol this is great". So yeah, we've both seen it now!


Meggo: After all these years, we finally find out what that strange device at the bar does. Zed.32 nailed their artistic styles of Dee and Mr John, with plenty of references and callbacks to popular Hatena flips of theirs. Everything is tied together with Zed's own mature and cryptic messaging. Overall, this is a fantastic tribute to the old Flipnotes of Dee, Mr John, and Fred.


I Know You Want Me (a la Choclo) by [Will$ten]

Cerealbowlby: This is the essential Hatena MV. Lyrics appearing on screen, patterns dancing across the background, and a menagerie of different OC’s that take to the stage and sing a line or two before a quick transition. And to top it off, Pitbull!! The music definitely adds to the old flipnote feel.


Gaze’s Waffles (F.A.T.E) by CosmicGAZ

Sudofox: My gosh, the Rhett and Link waffle skit takes me back. Simpler times. I distinctly remember everyone's waffle obsession on Hatena (courtesy of Parry Gripp et al).Why would anyone go for 8 waffles when they could have twelve? Such a no-brainer.


Star Beggars (F.A.T.E) by Nirby_DS

Mayro: A familiar conundrum that even persists on Sudomemo today. Whether or not to save your favorite character from a bleak situation, with colored stars of course! The originality of the skit itself while bringing in a few Hatena elements such as star begging and Weegee is cute, and the jokes are simple but well executed. All that this Flipnote is missing is the false reporters haha.


I got no iPhone (Pt.1) - [FATE] by InstNuggo

Mayro: The amount of care that went into giving the characters more clean shading and extra posing while keeping close to the original animation by Corty is commendable. The lineage is especially pleasing with the different but consistent use of line widths.

For that I award a Bronze.

I need a Plumber by Nehemiah

Cerealbowlby: If this flipnote was released in 2010, this would have been one of the greats. They would have talked about this for years, and when “I Need a Hero” played during the Mario Movie, there would be people talking about this flipnote. Alas, it arrived in our dimension far too late for fame, but just in time for me to bust a gut laughing. It may not be the best animation you’ve seen, but to me, this is what F.A.T.E was all about.


A [F.A.T.E]-full walk by Drake Star

Meggo:I love this one. Drake Star pays homage to the original meme animation while keeping it fresh with modern references. It’s clean, well executed, and has great visual gags.


OK, Deeprising back again. That was seriously exciting wasn't it!

Now back to our regularly scheduled Topics. Which restart this week with “The Dentist”!

And here's its Topic description to get you started!

This Weeks Topic - "The Dentist"

No one likes going to the dentist, but treatment of our teeth is of vital importance!

Dentistry can include drilling, filling, braces, and tooth extraction, as well as inserting artificial teeth (including the production of false teeth).

Your Flipnotes could feature the dentist, or any other dental based ideas, in whichever way you like, or don’t like!

From a simple check-up and a clean, to dental tools, fear of ‘The Chair’, or a full on procedure, it’s all good, or bad depending on whether or not you’re the patient!

Try not to scare us too much, but go for it nonetheless with a toothy, Topic animation, worthy of aural health.

We really love the way you're all so creative with these topics and look forward to seeing the Flipnotes you create for them.

Make sure to post your entries to the Weekly Topic channel Weekly Topic - The Dentist and the deadline for your entries is June 23rd (12pm EST / 4pm GMT).

We would also encourage you to add a description to your Flipnotes. This is your opportunity to explain any points of interest and specific details that we could feature in the topic winner reviews.

And don't forget, if you want a cool thumbnail picture on your Flipnote, whichever frame you save the Flipnote on, that will become the thumbnail. So choose your favorite frame for this, or add in a cool title page at the end, and save on that.

Keep on Flipnoting and the best of luck with your entries.

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