June 20th, 2021: Sudomemo Weekly News - Topic: "High Speed"

Hey there everyone, DeepRising here with the Weekly Newsletter and Weekly Topic competition.

We had a great response to last weeks topic High Speed, and a selection of our favorite winning entries are coming up.

But first, if you're thinking about making a topic Flipnote, don't forget to check out next week's topic theme and it's description, as well as the subsequent Upcoming Topics listed at the end of the Newsletter. Also, don't miss the links in the topic description for inspiration and further information on the theme (Access these links through the Sudomemo Theatre online site). 

And now, here are the winning Flipnotes from last week's topic "High Speed". Well done to everybody who entered. 

Our Favorite Flipnotes from last weeks Topic "High Speed"

Our first winning Flipnote this week, by Hiashi, is simply a perfect example of a super high-speed dash!

Including the use of broad anticipation, dynamic whizz-lines, smoke clouds, a ghosted image, as well as extreme perspective, the runner disappears over the horizon with a dazzling flash of speed.

And the fact that they appear back at the start point just an instant later, suggests that it's a record breaker for circling the globe!

They say that Red Bull gives you wings!

But this is clearly not the case, as we see in this hilarious winning Weekly Topic entry, by Nek studio.

We chuckled our socks off as this poor chap's caffeine fueled, hyperactive episode begins, which is made even funnier by his brother's astonished questioning.

A really excellent high-speed idea, and animated with enormous energy and style. 

The new computer game 'Among Us' is played at high speed, in this splendidly animated, weekly topic winner, by ⒷIⒷⒷⒶ.

Are you fast enough to Sus who the imposter is?

Or is it time for an emergency meeting?

Glin has created a doubly high-speed entry for this topic, featuring a fast car, in a play-speed 7 Fliponote.

As well as super smooth animation, we greatly enjoyed the lighting effects used here, which include the headlights beam, and a nice reflective glint passing over the car's body, as it travels along.

The terminal velocity of a human skydiver in free fall is 190kmh.

That's very fast indeed!

Checkout this winning topic Flipnote by JioSeff, to see this phenomenal sport in practice. It really is a spectacular dive, but unfortunately there's just one tiny hiccup!


We were delighted with the ingenious animated run technique, and nifty character design, in this topic winner by jason.

You can really appreciate the running action, in spite of the hands and feet not being joined to the body. It works brilliantly!

Meep, meep! 

It's the Road Runner! And there's nothing as speedy as him.

But look out, here comes Wile E. Coyote. What could possibly happen next (Snicker).

Watch and giggle, as these classic cartoon characters indulge in their hysterical antics, in this winning Topic entry, by OS3Fan.


This Weeks Topic - "The Swan"

The swan is a strikingly beautiful bird; Its long neck, white feathers and orange beak are instantly recognizable.

Swans are the largest member of the waterfowl family, and are among the largest of flying birds. Their wingspan can measure over three meters in length.

Truly fascinating birds, they are a joy to watch, from the way they land in water, and their gracefulness upon it, to their waddling gait on land.

Extremely picturesque, the swan is often visualized with its mate. Their long necks arching around together, with their beaks touching to form a loving heart. And famously, they do in fact stay with their partners for life, and can live as long as twenty four years of age.

However, their serenity can easily be broken, as they are highly protective of their nests, and will attack anything they perceive as a threat to their baby chicks, including humans!

And if you've ever seen them leading their chicks,  across roads to find new habitats, isn't it amazing when all the traffic stops, as this marvel of nature and parenting takes place.

And finally, here are some links to videos about swans that you may find interesting:

The Ugly Duckling Fairy Tale Cartoon:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9x-UdnjNd8

Beautiful Swan Dance - Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqL7mO6SO5U

Swan family cross road at pedestrian crossing - video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOMF4HLBCA0


We're all in a flap with excitement, and are looking forward to seeing what you create for this feathery topic.

Make sure to post your entries to the Weekly Topic channel Weekly Topic - The swan and the deadline for your entries is June 27th (12pm EST / 4pm GMT). 

Also, we would encourage you to add a description to your Flipnotes entries. This is your opportunity to explain any points of interest and specific details that we could feature in the topic winner reviews.

Keep on Flipnoting and the best of luck with your entries. 

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