July 7th, 2019:Sudomemo Weekly News- Topic: "Sarcasm"

Hey there everyone, DeepRising here with the Weekly News Letter. There was a great response to last week's topic "Sarcasm". Well done to everybody who entered. Here are the winning Flipnotes.

Our Favorite Flipnotes from last weeks Topic "Sarcasm"

In our first selection, by ☆ KⒶden ☆, a stick man is sarcastic about a win in the weekly topic! We reckon their's a hint of jealousy in the remark too. Nicely done :)

Our next selection, by jetpackjbd is a great re-creation of a Family Guy sketch. It's extremely sarcastic! We loved the character drawing, and the choice of audio was inspired. After all, no one does sarcasm quite like Peter Griffin!

In this hilarious entry by Ⓡuban, the award for sarcasm is received with a suitable sarcastic response. The lip-synch, and character design are top-notch, and the choice of audio makes for a perfect sarcastic Flipnote. This being a first time topic entry for Ruban, we certainly hope to see more :).

This Flipnote by Monstrous, features a sarcasm detector. Ironically, the sarcastic description of it's usefulness, sends it's readings off the charts! The Simpsons audio, told with new, original designed characters Teigra and Jenny, had us rolling around with laughter. Fantastic!

In this created Super Mario Bros. world, Toadstool's tragic demise is greeted with sarcastic contempt by one party in particular, in this entry by scaLEEane. The hand drawn animation of detailed characters is exceptional, and the gestural performances work perfectly with the dialogue.

Candy Cane's leadership abilities are brought into question, with a sarcastic tirade, in this hysterically funny Flipnote, by Kêithkash★. Using original designed characters Adonis and York, and with full lip-synch animation, this skit plays out beautifully.

When a prize turns out to be a giant chicken, the response is a supremely sarcastic one, in this entry by naiadskol♥. Check out the eye roll of the chicken winner, it really adds to the sense of sarcasm.

This Weeks Topic - "Emojis and Emoticons"

This week's topic is Emojis and Emoticons. Emojis are ideograms and smilies used in electronic messages and web pages. They include facial expressions, common objects, weather and animals. Emoticons are pictorial representations of facial expressions using typed characters and punctuation marks. For example XD for laughter, and :) for happy.

We use Emojis and Emoticons a lot with on line messaging, but how about making a Flipnote with them?

The Emoji movie, made with CGI, is a great example of animating Emoji as characters. Check it out, it's really wacky!

Whether it's messaging, dialogue, characters, or something we haven't thought of, we're really ":D" to see what you come up with for this topic.

Make sure to post your entries to the Weekly Topic channel, and the deadline for your entries is the 14th of July (12pm EST / 4pm GMT). Keep on Flipnoting and the best of luck with your entries.

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