August 6th, 2017:Sudomemo Weekly News

Hey there everyone, DeepRising here with the Weekly News Letter. There was a great response to last week's topic "Russian Dolls". Well done to everybody who entered. Here are the winning flipnotes.

Our Favorite Flipnotes from last weeks Topic "Russian Dolls"

This first entry by ~Z-6 shows the nesting of four Russian dolls into one. We loved the design of these dolls, and the music goes beautifully with the images.


The Russian doll in this next flipnote by lioness is based on cats. From small to big, inside each other they go!

There's really great animation and drawing in this entry by Chiakiちあき★.

We loved the use of the squash and stretch animation principle in this flipnote by Evening.

A traditional Russian doll opens into five dolls in this entry by T-RIP-T. We loved the creative use of all the different hands.

There's a Russian doll that's so tiny, in this flipnote by ⒷⒶⒷ😃 that it could be the size of a molecule, or even an atom. Wow!

We were delighted to recognise the native costume on the traditional Russian doll in this entry by SimonSK. It was a really great idea to make this a cycling flipnote.


This Weeks Topic - "Doors"

This week's topic is Doors. There's many different types of doors for many different purposes. As well as the standard single leaf door, there's double doors, revolving doors, saloon doors, sliding doors, automatic doors, and garage doors, to name but few. Doors give us privacy and security, while allowing us to enter and exit through them as we please. The look of a door can often give an idea of what lies beyond it. For example, a heavy and ornate grand mansion door, or a spooky cellar door with squeaky hinges all covered in cobwebs, or how about a magical 'Twilight zone' door, the key to which is your imagination. We love magic here at Sudomemo HQ. Insert the key, turn the handle and away you go! We really love the way your all so creative with these topics and look forward to seeing the flipnotes you create for them. Make sure to post your entries to the Weekly Topic channel, and the deadline for your entries is the 13th of August. Keep on flipnoting and the best of luck with your entries.