August 7th, 2016:Sudomemo Weekly News

Greetings flipnote makers. DeepRising here with the weekly news. We're very pleased you all enjoyed last week's 'Squash and Stretch' Topic, and we're very impressed with the response. Well done, great job every one who entered. We've got a very sporty Topic for you this week, but first here are the winners of last week's Topic.

Our Favorite Flipnotes from last weeks Topic "Squash and Stretch"

There was great squash and stretch in the bouncing ball in our first winning entry by Miffelmesh. Which was topped off with a LOL fail for good measure. XD

RedanX came up with an amusing interpretation of squash and stretch in this flipnote.

We loved the silent film style comedy flipnote by 「xmasboo」™. Plenty of great squash and stretchy animation and a yummy pie as well. : D

We were very impressed with the skillfull use of the DSi camera distort function used to make this flipnote by LazySimian.


A fly swatting makes for a squelchy squash and stretch in this flipnote by Ghostly❗™.

Box Box used squash and stretch to great effect in this running creature cycle.


This lively entry by JPiXeL includes the use of perspective, with very squashy and stretchy cartoon animation.


We loved the many techniques used by Silver to make this flipnote.


The bouncy animation in this practice flipnote by Roba was just fantastic.

We also really enjoyed how the character reacts to being squashed and stretched in this flipnote by ★イエれイⒶINK☆.

This beautifully drawn animation by cami-chu8, has squash and stretch happen in a magical way.


The animation of the cheek movement in the flipnote by Symrox⛄Jox is exceptionally well animated. We really loved the arrow idea too.

This Weeks Topic - "Olympic Games"

With the Olympic Games having started this week in Rio, we thought we should have this as our weekly topic. There's lots of different Olympic sports to be inspired by when making your flipnotes. How about any of the athletics and gymnastics events. Or Archery, Fencing, and weight lifting, not to mention Syncronised swimming and diving. For a full list, why not Google search Olympic Sports. See what takes your fancy. So, stylus's at the ready.....get set.....and Go! : )

Make sure to post your entries to the Weekly Topic channel, and the deadline for your entries is the 7th of August. Keep on flipnoting and the best of luck with your entries.