August 16th, 2020: Sudomemo Weekly News - Topic:"Steven Universe Future"

Hey there everyone, DeepRising here with the Weekly News Letter and Weekly Topic competition. Don't forget to check out next week's topic theme and the subsequent Upcoming Topics, at the end of the News Letter. And now, here are the winning Flipnotes from last week's topic "Steven Universe Future". Well done to everybody who entered.

Our Favorite Flipnotes from last weeks Topic "Steven Universe Future"

This beautifully drawn and animated MV by Some Kid, features the two contrasting sides of the character Steven, from Steven Universe Future. It plays out movingly to the well chosen song 'This isn't the End' by Owl City.

★Eil★ has sung a wonderful A Cappella version of the ending song to Steven Universe Future, 'Love Like You', for this entry. What a great idea, and such a fantastic singing voice too!


We chuckled our socks off at this hilarious and bizarre Flipnote by Oon. With a trick thumbnail and, we think a wailing Gollum as the sound track, it features the character Peridot from Steven Universe Future, in a surreal and creatively animated performance.

anyobanano has chosen their favorite episode of 'Steven Universe Future', where Steven becomes a water melon version of himself, as the inspiration for this Flipnote. With quality drawings, and a song from the show, its a winner for sure.

In this fantastic tribute MV to 'Steven Universe Future', by .:✕Nëk✕:., the giant scary monster is in fact, Steven himself! With exceptional drawing and animation of a multitude of characters, the emotive performances, and choreographed sequences flow perfectly with the timing of the music and the lyrical content.

This Week's Topic - "Unexpected Sound Effects"

This week's topic is Unexpected Sound Effects. One example of this could be animals making the wrong noises, like a squeaking elephant, a roaring mouse, or a barking dog! Another one could be playing around with opposites, such as a feather landing softly and making a huge crash! Or, how about replacing simple everyday sounds with wacky, random cartoon sound effects like duck quacks, hooters, klaxons and raspberries for a hilarious and unexpected audio to your Flipnote.

Feel free to create your own sound effects in the DSi sound, use your voices, foley skills, or record audio samples from You Tube into a sound bank. Incredible results can be achieved with layering sound and experimenting.

Here's a link to a You Tube video with lots of great cartoon sound effects. Just hold your DSi near the speaker, and away you go:

Weather you use spot effects, ambient sounds, dialogue or vocals, we can't wait to see, and hear what you come up with!

Make sure to post your entries to the Weekly Topic channel Weekly Topic - Unexpected Sound Effects and the deadline for your entries is August 23rd (12pm EST / 4pm GMT)

Keep on Flipnoting and the best of luck with your entries.

Upcoming Topics

Topic - Catch Phrase Flipnotes (August 23rd) You Tube video example link:

Topic - Marsh Mallows (August 30th)

Topic - Yoga (September 6th)

Topic - Silhouette Animation (September 13th)

P.S. (If you're interested in the Catch Phrase Flipnote topic and you've checked out the link, here are our best guesses at the catch phrases in the video:

In the middle of nowhere / Stick out like a sore thumb / wish bone / Caterpillar burger / Private Eyes / Putting on your game face / Prize Plumb / Save your breath / Holding all the Aces / Free Spirit / Golden Eagle / Worming your way out / Moving pictures / Cured Ham / Parking Stations / Cut and Run / A King's Ransom / Washboard Stomach / Gun Powder Plot / Plaster of Paris / Standing on a Wing and a Prayer.

We hope this helps with clarifying this upcoming topic.