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  • Drawn comment by lol
    lolYeah, I'm leaving Sudomemo. You're probably expecting some typical sad message with ":(" littered all over it like how all retirement Flipnotes are usually like, but no. I'm not doing that. I just wanna thank everyone who's been by side on here, even if most of you don't use sudo anymore. Even though there's been ups and downs, I must give this place everything. It helped me improve my art, it made make new friends I still talk to this day, and I'm just happy everyone enjoyed my flips in general. However, I've grown out of this place, and moved on to making Webcomics now on a nice website called tapas. Here's a link to my current comic right now: Thank you for the fun memories, Flipnoting has been my childhood, and it's practically what Kickstarted me being a artist. (Even if I'm not the best one around.) And I won't forget the crazy adventures I had on here and on Hatena. But for now, this is goodbye. So....Goodbye everyone. I'll see you around.
  • nightshade
  • Drawn comment by nightshade
    nightshadeAlso I adore cats
  • Drawn comment by nightshade
    nightshadeDo u have any other social media??
  • Drawn comment by nightshade
    nightshadeResp: Lol sorry if I messed it up