A brilliant tune from Nintendo. Re-live the memories of downloading demos to your Nintendo DSi system right here on Sudomemo. Font from Rakujira.

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  • D3D4NKEST's profile picture D3D4NKEST2019-11-18 11:34:09 (6868676)

    RE: and that was for chey and yours is fine i was saying to chey that there was Only a shop for DSi and not for the original DS and the Lite due to her putting "Rip Nintendo DS Shop 2007-2018" but it should be "Rip Nintendo DSi Shop 2009-2017"

  • D3D4NKEST's profile picture D3D4NKEST2019-11-18 11:24:31 (6868674)

    but the font*

  • D3D4NKEST's profile picture D3D4NKEST2019-11-18 11:24:11 (6868673)

    i see... but font/what i write seems different

  • Ssf2&Ssbb's profile picture Ssf2&Ssbb2019-11-13 15:28:59 (6865760)

    No Downloading watermark like in the YouTube videos! That's a surprise!

  • D3D4NKEST's profile picture D3D4NKEST2019-11-03 21:49:49 (6859508)
    Drawn comment by D3D4NKEST
  • ZⒶiden's profile picture ZⒶiden2019-08-29 09:25:28 (6824379)

    V um it was 2009-2017 actually

  • Chey★'s profile picture Chey★2019-08-19 02:17:09 (6820479)
    Drawn comment by Chey★
  • MwWill2019-07-20 12:32:22 (6804526)
    Drawn comment by MwWill
  • nentendoDS2019-07-16 21:47:04 (6802560)

    rest in peas

  • Dank_Boi2019-07-16 21:45:19 (6802559)

    DSi Shop was the best shop

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