Hey! Surgery was successful and I fully recovered! Don't worry about me.

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  • M○●k¡☆♥◇'s profile picture M○●k¡☆♥◇2019-09-25 00:57:38 (6839212)
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  • BlueQuartz's profile picture BlueQuartz2019-09-20 02:43:31 (6836915)

    I'm gonna put u in my flipnote u nerd >:3

  • M○●k¡☆♥◇'s profile picture M○●k¡☆♥◇2019-09-11 13:22:04 (6832202)
    Drawn comment by M○●k¡☆♥◇
  • M○●k¡☆♥◇'s profile picture M○●k¡☆♥◇2019-09-09 22:48:04 (6831139)

    Oh yeah!, if you do your part put a character of yours, I don't want you to get confused like BlueQuartz hehe xD

  • M○●k¡☆♥◇'s profile picture M○●k¡☆♥◇2019-09-09 22:45:52 (6831135)

    A MAP is like a collaboration but with many people, if you are on a MAP, what you have to do is grab and animate your part (which says your name or which one you chose) and if you finished it I copied page by page in the MAP

  • M○●k¡☆♥◇'s profile picture M○●k¡☆♥◇2019-09-09 02:13:01 (6830630)
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  • M○●k¡☆♥◇'s profile picture M○●k¡☆♥◇2019-09-09 01:55:01 (6830591)
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  • Adr.Dahlia's profile picture Adr.Dahlia2019-08-24 18:54:01 (6822353)
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  • Adr.Dahlia's profile picture Adr.Dahlia2019-08-22 01:47:05 (6821386)
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  • PICKLE's profile picture PICKLE2019-08-19 19:32:44 (6820629)
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August 5th, 2019 08:31:00
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