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  • Evan's profile picture Evan2019-05-27 16:07:22 (6772597)

    Welcome to Sudomemo, a fun place to hang out, watch and post Flipnotes, make friends, and have an overall good time. We welcome you to our community.

  • Icyツ's profile picture Icyツ2019-05-27 15:49:42 (6772586)

    Welcome to Sudomemo! I hope you enjoy being part of our community. Remember, feel free to join the Sudomemo discord to keep in touch with your fellow Flipnote friends!

  • CeleZayne's profile picture CeleZayne2019-05-27 15:25:14 (6772574)

    helo CG

  • CG*Bign0n0's profile picture CG*Bign0n02019-05-27 15:24:41 (6772573)

    Welcome to Sudomemo! ^o^

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May 27th, 2019 03:21:12
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