I animated the writing in stop-motion by sliding a strip of paper at an angle, in front of my DSi.

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  • geezer's profile picture geezer2019-11-06 04:20:26 (6860972)

    Hey MrJ
    Thanks for the comment, good to see you're still around, doing what you are best at!

  • Dee's profile picture Dee2019-11-02 17:08:52 (6858802)
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    guess who's back

  • ian smith's profile picture ian smith2019-10-29 02:09:12 (6856031)
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  • ThisAusB23's profile picture ThisAusB232019-10-27 05:00:11 (6855067)

    Thank bro

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mrjohnSudomemo Plus
September 10th, 2019 05:25:36

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