As soon as I saw Ghost Photography in the up coming topics, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and started right away. I mixed up the dot deleation textures to give the ghosts an eerie glow as they float behind me. And I took the photo of an old 35mm camera of mine for the Ghost Finder G1000 camera, for a retro twist.

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  • Austin's profile picture Austin2020-10-27 18:03:03 (7157002)

    And by the way, I think I have a old camera that sorta looks like that camera.

  • Austin's profile picture Austin2020-10-27 18:00:14 (7156998)

    Rather your house or not it's still an excellent flipnote mrjohn!

  • mrjohn's profile picture mrjohn2020-10-27 16:21:05 (7156880)

    Ooooh Wow! Ive been featured, and Spot-lighted too!
    Thankyou so much. And thanks also to everyone who's given me stars and comments, I really appreciate them all :).
    I'm so pleased :D.

  • Moderator2020-10-27 09:19:50 (7156700)

    Featured! :)

  • Austin's profile picture Austin2020-10-26 19:56:45 (7156102)

    Your house really looks like a haunted house in the flipnote

  • Austin's profile picture Austin2020-10-26 18:17:12 (7155996)


  • Glin's profile picture Glin2020-10-18 18:09:30 (7148761)
    Drawn comment by Glin
  • Mario209's profile picture Mario2092020-10-16 14:48:06 (7146625)

    This looks amazing!

  • Ashton's profile picture Ashton2020-10-15 14:57:35 (7145904)

    oh no ghost

  • ~★Kitsu★~'s profile picture ~★Kitsu★~2020-10-15 04:09:54 (7145752)
    Drawn comment by ~★Kitsu★~
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mrjohnSudomemo Plus
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