I loved Darlex's idea of the ghost lurking in the darkness, so I went for maximum lighting effects. I was also keen to give OC Pancake head another go. Note: That's a Homer Simpson scream if you didn't recognize it immediately XD

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    Re: I wish i could remember, I was so young and I don't remember the username

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    Re: I was looking through the hatena archive and I really was enjoying it, especially liked your flipnotes

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    RE: Hope that makes some awesome eye ideas giving your characters more life like to the viewers! No problem Mr.John!

  • ☁Arakune☁'s profile picture☁Arakune☁• 2022-12-09 17:12:52 (7647891)

    RE: If you slightly color or move over over the first layer in a shape, you get a gleam affect but it’s an illusion using the eraser tool I discovered making this giving my own eye detail.

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December 4th, 2022 17:57:47
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探索 -ウラメ~シ屋敷Ver.- (instrumental) 戸高一生 2013 Starts at 00:13
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