A lot of time put into this, I went through moving into a new house and traveling to see family but I got this done!

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  • Edson.e's profile picture Edson.e2020-09-12 11:54:06 (7123174)

    My God, it is so well worked, the weeks or days that you have spent doing it were worth it!

  • ∴✕VDNëk✕∴'s profile picture ∴✕VDNëk✕∴2020-09-11 10:13:03 (7122427)
    Drawn comment by ∴✕VDNëk✕∴
  • Knight's profile picture Knight2020-09-10 22:03:34 (7121578)

    RE: This is a comic about all of Hatena based of the events that went down in PBSDS and the war of the archetypes

  • Slyray's profile picture Slyray2020-09-10 18:39:47 (7121339)
    Drawn comment by Slyray
  • scruffy's profile picture scruffy2020-09-10 17:41:47 (7121327)

    This is so cool! :0

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