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  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-04-26 09:11:55 (6757977)


  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-04-13 17:16:48 (6750385)

    Glad you liked it :)

    Oh and also, this is my 2nd account, not on another DSi, but my 3DS

  • Huntie😃's profile picture Huntie😃2019-04-13 10:14:38 (6750209)
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  • ricken2011's profile picture ricken20112019-04-12 21:09:41 (6750047)
    (You'll probably need to type in the actual link, Google doesnt really do anything at all, I've tried)

  • ricken2011's profile picture ricken20112019-04-12 21:09:03 (6750045)

    Hey bro i made some fanart for you on my blog, ive fixed the style a bit more so it looks more betterish

  • ricken2011's profile picture ricken20112019-04-07 10:02:21 (6746446)

    Then he went to Thomas and Alfred's Pizza Hut Pizza Butt (but that's just a theory)

  • ricken2011's profile picture ricken20112019-04-07 10:01:48 (6746445)

    The guy who got burned probably realized it was just kool aid that the other guy who fell asleep just threw up and he felt weird after

  • Huntie😃's profile picture Huntie😃2019-04-06 15:07:01 (6745970)
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  • ricken2011's profile picture ricken20112019-04-05 21:34:32 (6745764)


    How long did it take him to calm down?

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April 5th, 2019 07:31:35
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