Hello!! Guys I'm back again thanks to lu-weegee!! He helped me to get the original flipnote studio in my 3ds, now finally I can make animations again. I can't believe my old dsi still alive, it can't charge the batery and have no top screen, so I charge the battery in the new dsi and I make flip notes in the 3ds

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  • Lu-Weegee's profile picture Lu-Weegee2019-07-20 12:33:25 (6804529)

    Whoops how could I mess up I meant to say background

  • Lu-Weegee's profile picture Lu-Weegee2019-07-20 12:33:02 (6804528)

    I also tried to add a backround as you said but I tried, I messed up accidentally, and I got so mad I didn’t add any at all lol. Next sprite fight I’ll attempt to add some backround

  • Lu-Weegee's profile picture Lu-Weegee2019-07-20 12:31:23 (6804524)

    Thank you for the compliment and stars. Any improvements regarding my animation?

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July 13th, 2019 07:08:04
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Original Flipnote

The original Flipnote isn't on Sudomemo.

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