Mario and luigui are taking some battle practice while somes of them friends are spectating them.

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  • 20110's profile picture 201102019-10-29 18:35:05 (6856395)
    Drawn comment by 20110
  • MetalSonic's profile picture MetalSonic2019-10-25 14:29:57 (6853426)

    Excellent work. You never lost it in the time you were gone! Sorry I haven't responded or taken my turn on our collaboration. I fear I've lost my skill for animating, and the time I can animate now days is very limited. Congratulations though on your 300 fans.

  • ◆BlackXen◆'s profile picture ◆BlackXen◆2019-10-24 17:49:04 (6852621)

    Uff bro me encantan mucho tus sprites :)

  • Vex's profile picture Vex2019-10-21 23:06:12 (6851093)
    Drawn comment by Vex
  • D3D4NKEST's profile picture D3D4NKEST2019-10-15 21:35:21 (6847953)

    Oye, ¿cuando es una nueva Sprite fight que tu vas a hacer (como una nueva cuando terminas esto, durante esto o no sabes cuándo)?

  • BeefJerkey's profile picture BeefJerkey2019-10-10 01:35:06 (6845075)

    Like before, such a good job. MetaKnight used to be the best one, but now you are. If you finish this series, I might part with one of my prized Blue Stars that I got 5 years ago. Or is this the last part?

  • Aleph Zer0's profile picture Aleph Zer02019-10-09 21:18:42 (6844844)
    Drawn comment by Aleph Zer0
  • GreenKenko's profile picture GreenKenko2019-10-09 16:56:02 (6844644)

    Cooool good job!!!! Y gracias

  • .:✕Nëk✕:.'s profile picture .:✕Nëk✕:.2019-10-09 11:26:48 (6844601)
    Drawn comment by .:✕Nëk✕:.
  • D3D4NKEST's profile picture D3D4NKEST2019-10-09 08:48:03 (6844590)
    Drawn comment by D3D4NKEST
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October 8th, 2019 10:24:53
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