Anybody got a song request for my next mv?

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  • ☆♪póòchy♪☆'s profile picture ☆♪póòchy♪☆2019-10-11 19:14:40 (6846243)

    Also thank you so much for complimenting my art style :0 I've noticed it's kinda inconsistent on my flipnotes for some reason, I guess it's hard drawing on a DSi ^^ but it means a lot!!

  • ☆♪póòchy♪☆'s profile picture ☆♪póòchy♪☆2019-10-11 19:13:46 (6846242)

    Yay! That's great uwu <3 ahaha yeah I'm super slow too, don't worry! I never have the motivation to do anything half the time lol ^^

  • ♦☆Poochy☆♦'s profile picture ♦☆Poochy☆♦2019-09-23 21:21:29 (6838677)

    Oooh this is adorableeee!! I love your art style so much aa <333 Hmm for a next AMV... I'm not sure if you like slightly older songs but uh would you be ok with Party in the USA? It's from like 2010 or something lol. Idk only if you like it haha~

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September 3rd, 2019 09:49:59
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Señorita Emma Heesters feat. Jason Chen, Jason Chen, Emma Heesters 2019 Starts at 02:33