Some old test I made after quite a long time of not using Flipnote Studio.

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  • Khaki Cap's profile pictureKhaki Cap• 2023-11-01 12:44:21 (7812158)
    Drawn comment by Khaki Cap
  • Mini Troop's profile pictureMini Troop• 2023-11-01 10:52:42 (7812149)

    Yeah, I should try working with clay soon, I've gotten myself a Wacom One recently and now I am really enjoying digital sculpting so I defo want to try it out with actual clay. I guess doing it in clay also avoids having to do a lot of file transfers and messing with that software to convert the pictures.
    However, how come you are commenting on this video and not the spoopy video?

  • mrjohn's profile picturemrjohn• 2023-10-31 15:16:23 (7812022)

    Thanks very much :D.
    Yes i made the skull in clay, and then painted it with acrylic paint.
    It was quite small, less than 4cm, so I had to hold it close to the DSi camera when photographing it.

Mini Troop's profile picture
October 26th, 2023 06:45:08
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