Look at the spinning girl. Which way is she spinning? Clockwise or counter-clockwise? If you look away for a moment she may spin in the opposite direction! It's possible to see BOTH directions. Just give it a try. With a little practice you can make her switch at any time.

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  • jack's profile picture jack2020-03-25 22:37:50 (6947119)
    Drawn comment by jack
  • Soar's profile picture Soar2020-03-25 20:50:19 (6946956)

    Thx everybody!
    This is actually one of my old flips from Hatena times. I imported it frame by frame so it would not be a spinoff xD
    If you have trouble seeing the other direction it helps to look at her feet!

  • KittyCozmo's profile picture KittyCozmo2020-03-25 13:30:13 (6946565)
    Drawn comment by KittyCozmo
  • Clarky's profile picture Clarky2020-03-25 12:03:24 (6946549)

    I paused it and now I can see it the other way. Mind blown.

  • Clarky's profile picture Clarky2020-03-25 12:01:21 (6946548)

    Aaa! I can only see it one way!

  • 「ABEL」's profile picture 「ABEL」2020-03-25 10:44:02 (6946531)
    Drawn comment by 「ABEL」
  • Glin's profile picture Glin2020-03-24 20:07:01 (6945689)
    Drawn comment by Glin
  • Trianic's profile picture Trianic2020-03-24 20:04:00 (6945683)
    Drawn comment by Trianic
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March 24th, 2020 07:33:32
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