Updated version of a cowboy flipnote I did a while back. It is a story of revenge and a sorry S.O.B.

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  • Gibaverse's profile picture Gibaverse2020-01-15 18:35:11 (6904703)

    wow this is really well drawn/animated!

  • じゅな's profile picture じゅな2020-01-12 12:35:21 (6902469)
    Drawn comment by じゅな
  • BeefJerkey's profile picture BeefJerkey2020-01-12 02:06:00 (6902336)

    Thanks again. I'll see how it goes next time. Maybe tomorrow, if I'm up to it. This was just a quick little thing to show people here that I can still do something. Turned out to be my best drawing ever, heheh.

  • BeefJerkey's profile picture BeefJerkey2020-01-12 01:48:08 (6902308)

    So I missed a few tiny scribbles that I should have erased. I was pretty much satisfied with it, but then after I posted it I looked and realized that the shell seems to be on his side... crud. The shell is the hardest part for me.

  • BeefJerkey's profile picture BeefJerkey2020-01-12 01:45:56 (6902306)

    Re: Thanks for the encouragement and advice. I have a hard time keeping my hand steady, and the screen has no drag (while a pen on paper does), so I press UNDO a lot. And I don't often find the time to draw. I guess I only rushed when it was almost finished.

  • ※pakoika※'s profile picture ※pakoika※2020-01-12 01:34:33 (6902285)
    Drawn comment by ※pakoika※
  • BeefJerkey's profile picture BeefJerkey2020-01-12 01:27:22 (6902270)

    Blue star for ya.

  • BeefJerkey's profile picture BeefJerkey2020-01-12 01:14:59 (6902243)

    Re: Thanks, been trying to get myself to draw better. Still learning. I've been wanting to make a fully animated series in Flipnote 3D, but that would take months.
    And your drawings here are a lot better, heh.

  • DitzyDoo♥'s profile picture DitzyDoo♥2020-01-11 00:03:19 (6900993)
    Drawn comment by DitzyDoo♥
  • Sudofox's profile picture Sudofox2020-01-10 22:01:17 (6900732)

    This is awesome dude

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January 5th, 2020 12:34:47
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