Finally, the tutorial you've all been waiting for! This flipnote goes over the basics of how to build a Flipgame level, including how to set up, build, and animate scenes the same way I do. || If enough people like this, I might consider making a tutorial on how to set up post-level rendering and other stuff... :)

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  • Silvia's profile pictureSilvia• 2022-09-23 11:57:43 (7617855)

    The low-res background certainly is a drawback, but it's also just part of the style I use.
    High-detail level design could be done by stitching multiple frames together with guideline points in empty areas, but I just prefer the pixelated design since it's less complicated :P

  • Xenofinite's profile pictureXenofinite• 2022-09-22 18:23:41 (7617609)

    Soo kinda basically what i already do but making it a bit easier with the grid, but with the mayor drawback of having a lesser detailed backround.
    Looking foward to using this, thanks a lot my guy:).

  • Jazun's profile pictureJazun• 2022-09-21 11:20:47 (7616969)

    "whoops, ran out of music space, uhh-" LOL

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September 17th, 2022 16:27:35