This is Taqo, my new character, please use him for your Flipnotes ლ|^Д^ლ| Not from Hatena, but I think it would fit in to that 2011's vibe!

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  • Glin's profile picture Glin2020-07-12 20:47:53 (7068894)
    Drawn comment by Glin
  • ※Kitsu※'s profile picture ※Kitsu※2020-07-11 14:17:42 (7068011)
    Drawn comment by ※Kitsu※
  • Liss's profile picture Liss2020-07-11 08:13:19 (7067816)

    Beef or chicken taqo?

  • Henpen4812020-07-09 18:51:00 (7066507)

    (◑﹏◐) ᕙ(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿) ᕗ

  • Silver's profile picture Silver2020-07-07 15:22:26 (7064233)

    RE: Sent a friend request your way. Thanks.

  • firebro999's profile picture firebro9992020-07-07 10:26:27 (7064118)

    He'll be the main star of my "Save Sudo" series! :)

  • Justin's profile picture Justin2020-07-06 05:14:42 (7062828)
    Drawn comment by Justin
  • Silver's profile picture Silver2020-07-04 03:20:57 (7061602)

    RE: So, for Discord, do you mean hop back on to the Sudo server? I don't know how else I'd send you a request.

  • lychee•★'s profile picture lychee•★2020-07-03 12:36:52 (7061236)
    Drawn comment by lychee•★
  • Fox-Petals's profile picture Fox-Petals2020-07-02 00:32:05 (7060196)
    Drawn comment by Fox-Petals
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