It's nice to broaden out what I post here, and this was fun to make, but I just wanted to silence Axel on asking about Part 2. Ben is AxelRemix's character! Ramu is Belial's! And Prodigy and SMB are mine. Alright.

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  • Rob2020-05-29 08:04:41 (7026210)

    Re: Socials -

  • Rob2020-05-28 06:11:26 (7025400)

    Hey! Do you have a Twitter or Instagram?

  • Knight's profile picture Knight2020-05-25 05:47:11 (7022819)
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  • PapaJohn~'s profile picture PapaJohn~2020-05-22 11:58:21 (7019016)

    Therefore I am now PapaCranberry Sauce

  • PapaJohn~'s profile picture PapaJohn~2020-05-22 11:52:42 (7019012)

    Fun fact: Shlerk is a cranberry sauce

  • D3D4NKEST's profile picture D3D4NKEST2020-05-19 21:06:47 (7014934)

    For Prodigy(SMB) he uses Neutral special (Mii Brawler's Flaming kick[A Falcon Punch]but uses foot instead) man this feels like MSA's Another Story

  • Knight's profile picture Knight2020-05-19 07:21:11 (7014319)
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  • Vex's profile picture Vex2020-05-19 02:45:28 (7014277)
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  • NiD-NiGHTS's profile picture NiD-NiGHTS2020-05-19 02:22:13 (7014267)
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