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  • Cai.0's profile picture Cai.02020-02-19 22:00:13 (6922873)
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  • EGA Matsu©'s profile picture EGA Matsu©2020-02-12 00:00:59 (6918639)
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  • nightfall☁'s profile picture nightfall☁2020-02-05 14:02:06 (6914814)

    Wow cool!!! I love the animations in this!

  • ∴…※Naël※…∴'s profile picture ∴…※Naël※…∴2020-02-04 18:31:59 (6914519)
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  • ☁FN9☁'s profile picture ☁FN9☁2020-02-02 00:15:08 (6912795)

    RE: Hmm.... (Sorry, I don't know what to say right now)

  • ☁FN9☁'s profile picture ☁FN9☁2020-02-01 23:58:53 (6912769)

    RE: Correct, since DSis are probably obsolete in stores or something. And its shop is no longer accessible anymore.

  • ☁FN9☁'s profile picture ☁FN9☁2020-02-01 23:45:44 (6912755)


  • ☁FN9☁'s profile picture ☁FN9☁2020-02-01 23:45:05 (6912754)

    RE: But as time went by, I knew this was a very stupid idea. Now I can't make flipnotes anymore, and the only thing I can do it comment on other people's flipnotes. :|

  • ☁FN9☁'s profile picture ☁FN9☁2020-02-01 23:41:39 (6912751)

    RE: A lot of people are asking me this question. What happened is, after I lost the "First Flipnote of the Year" thing, I went immature and decided to break my DSi. I threw it across my room and snapped it in half. At that time, I was done with Sudomemo. ...

  • ☁FN9☁'s profile picture ☁FN9☁2020-02-01 23:12:42 (6912715)

    Hey Cry, wanna make a flipnote that is like a memorial for my account since I destroyed my DSi and I can't make flipnotes anymore? It's okay if you don't want to.

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January 29th, 2020 10:25:24
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