Halloween with Friends I drew all my friends in this animation I hope u like it guys ^^????

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  • HeroDraken's profile picture HeroDraken2019-11-14 03:27:45 (6866268)
    Drawn comment by HeroDraken
  • nightfall☁'s profile picture nightfall☁2019-11-13 00:54:07 (6865520)

    your characters are so cute! <3 and its still halloween in my heart...now week later after halloween XD

  • jÙs〒m☀Ñîkä's profile picture jÙs〒m☀Ñîkä2019-11-11 07:02:46 (6864139)
    Drawn comment by jÙs〒m☀Ñîkä
  • DazzⓍⓎ's profile picture DazzⓍⓎ2019-11-08 16:14:31 (6862118)
    Drawn comment by DazzⓍⓎ
  • sugarblood's profile picture sugarblood2019-11-04 21:41:22 (6860000)
    Drawn comment by sugarblood
  • Wishy's profile picture Wishy2019-10-29 00:23:35 (6855936)
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  • 「ABEL」's profile picture 「ABEL」2019-10-28 20:15:10 (6855683)
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  • 「ABEL」's profile picture 「ABEL」2019-10-28 20:14:44 (6855682)
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  • エスター's profile picture エスター2019-10-28 16:16:09 (6855587)

    even after what happend, you still call me your friend
    ouch... i don‘t deserve this...

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October 28th, 2019 12:40:34