hoes mad

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  • SuzyUzi's profile picture SuzyUzi2019-06-02 20:23:59 (6777059)
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  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-05-31 16:12:54 (6775946)

    But yeah, it just feels horrible by not passing only one class. It's like completing a mega man X game without any armor lol

  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-05-31 16:10:31 (6775942)

    and I can't make it up because I have surgery. Even my algebra teacher doesn't feel bad for me. My mom told me "screw him".

    (and rightfully so)

  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-05-31 16:08:23 (6775939)

    I passed 9th grade!!! ....well sort of. Every class I passed except algebra I (I MISSED IT BY LITERALLY 3 POINTS) so now I'm gonna have 2 algebra classes next year.


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May 31st, 2019 01:03:29
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