Song is Dreams, By Fleetwood Mac :D thank you for watching

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  • Ribustol's profile picture Ribustol2019-11-17 14:03:12 (6868191)
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  • D-Boss's profile picture D-Boss2019-09-30 18:20:24 (6841207)
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  • Peppermint's profile picture Peppermint2019-08-19 09:43:31 (6820528)
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  • Sudofox's profile picture Sudofox2019-08-10 11:23:59 (6816741)

    bruv u got an Instagram?

  • LilyCelebi's profile picture LilyCelebi2019-08-09 14:40:12 (6816232)
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  • Marlin's profile picture Marlin2019-08-04 20:10:46 (6812613)
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  • MrMcTiller's profile picture MrMcTiller2019-08-01 21:58:53 (6811324)

    Re: mostly "radio music" , 70s 80s 90s and now kinda stuff. REM and Supertramp stick out. I'm working on a MV right now on "Dont Dream Its Over" by Crowded House. Your representation of this song is definitely interesting, A good mix of stylized and semi-realistic. Good stuff.

  • MrMcTiller's profile picture MrMcTiller2019-08-01 18:46:10 (6811245)

    Not being sarcastic, I find it kind of refreshing finding a song I actually know lol. I've been looking for well done MVs with songs close to what I like so I can see how people play with both the audio and visual parts and blend them.

  • SuzyUzi's profile picture SuzyUzi2019-08-01 17:42:36 (6811230)
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  • Elusive's profile picture Elusive2019-08-01 17:06:00 (6811215)

    Re: :)

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July 31st, 2019 07:19:57
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