It's been a while since I last animated!Hope y'all enjoy!

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  • Mr. Mask's profile picture Mr. Mask2020-07-13 13:37:31 (7069472)
    Drawn comment by Mr. Mask
  • ヤrincessme's profile picture ヤrincessme2020-06-29 08:38:53 (7057352)

    Anyway, it was very refreshing hearing from you again! See you around aswell, sweet pea x) <333

  • ヤrincessme's profile picture ヤrincessme2020-06-29 08:37:44 (7057351)

    And me? I think I am rather enjoying this lockdown a little too much haha. I'm spending alot of time in the countryside, which has helped me alot. Reading.... writing stories...and yeah! Nothing too exciting x3

  • ヤrincessme's profile picture ヤrincessme2020-06-29 08:32:58 (7057349)

    And hm, not at the moment! Perhaps in the near-future? x) But it seems you certainly have! It makes me so happy to see that <3 And let him know I say a big hullo as well! How have you two been? Lovey-dovey I hope! :3

  • ヤrincessme's profile picture ヤrincessme2020-06-29 08:30:33 (7057347)

    Aw, Nenaaaa, your replies just made me so very happy indeed! <3 I have missed you alot as well!! You're definitely going up the ladder with your art, there is certainly alot of passion behind it! <333

  • ヤrincessme's profile picture ヤrincessme2020-06-27 06:16:15 (7055866)

    Golly goodness gracious me, this is a true masterpiece! Do you animate on YouTube?! <3
    (Also, my sincerest apologies for my inexcusable disappearances, I've had a lot going on but hello again, you wonderful human being!) <3

  • ShadowFox's profile picture ShadowFox2020-06-19 19:26:18 (7049829)
    Drawn comment by ShadowFox
  • MwWill2020-06-18 13:59:23 (7049021)
    Drawn comment by MwWill
  • HハCけÎヘKリN♦'s profile picture HハCけÎヘKリN♦2020-06-15 23:24:55 (7047100)
    Drawn comment by HハCけÎヘKリN♦
  • Radioラジオ's profile picture Radioラジオ2020-06-10 20:38:07 (7041318)

    RE: Thank you, Nena! Stay updated!

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June 7th, 2020 05:40:51
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