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  • Sudofox's profile picture Sudofox2019-11-19 03:07:14 (6868979)

    Anyway I hope you have a lovely evening! (despite this)

  • Sudofox's profile picture Sudofox2019-11-19 03:05:00 (6868978)

    I just wanted to let you know that we have that process available for you. And to let you know that it probably wasn't me that removed whatever it was. I don't like it when people are upset at me, I'm sure you understand. I just want to write code and watch Flipnotes all day.

  • Sudofox's profile picture Sudofox2019-11-19 03:03:26 (6868977)

    It seemed angry. Content was removed and you disagree with the removal. You feel it was unjust, and you were upset. That's a natural feeling. Nothing wrong with feeling that way. You wanted to express your feelings and thus did so to me. Again, I completely understand.

  • Sudofox's profile picture Sudofox2019-11-19 01:14:40 (6868936)

    If a Flipnote of yours was removed, you can always appeal it. It's really easy.
    For what it's worth, I don't really handle that side of things much anymore, other members of our team process content reports. So please don't leave angry comments on my Flipnotes.

  • ☆StarGlow☆'s profile picture ☆StarGlow☆2019-11-17 23:18:48 (6868485)
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  • ☆♪póòchy♪☆'s profile picture ☆♪póòchy♪☆2019-11-15 02:57:08 (6866889)

    -I've only known him for a few weeks but we talk every day and even stay up till 12am chatting lol, not to mention I feel like I have a connection with him. Lol but anywayyyy have you been doing anything interesting?

  • ☆♪póòchy♪☆'s profile picture ☆♪póòchy♪☆2019-11-15 02:55:59 (6866888)

    Ooh well for a start I've had school camp, that was incredible! There was the giant swing, rock climbing, leap of faith, flying fox, archery, canoeing ect. so many cool activities and it was so much fun! I also have a new crush that I met on camp haha-

  • ☆♪póòchy♪☆'s profile picture ☆♪póòchy♪☆2019-11-12 00:38:09 (6864631)

    I'm good!! Sorry I haven't talked to you in a while. Wow I didn't know my style was distinct XD Aa yeah just wanted to say just in case... because on my DSi I changed my username and all lol

  • Rikuwolf's profile picture Rikuwolf2019-11-10 13:52:24 (6863421)

    Haha yes of course I remember

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November 7th, 2019 05:02:05