Its finally done! Full youtube link: Wanted it to be a bit longer but I ran out of space

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  • DEE_2's profile pictureDEE_2• 2024-07-12 01:03:36 (7879773)
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  • Jose's profile pictureJose• 2024-07-06 22:35:41 (7878257)

    I've heard of Smash Remix before. I bought ever smash game physically with Brawl being the first and Smash 64 being the most recent purchase. I do have Smash 64 on my wii menu, but had to get the original cartridge as a backup. I started competing back in the Smash 4 days all the way up to Ultimate and successfully won a few locals

  • Jose's profile pictureJose• 2024-07-04 11:27:19 (7877600)

    My favorite smash game has to be Brawl because of subspace emissary and the cutscenes, it's considered the worst competitive smash game, but still had a blast with some friends

  • Londee06• 2024-07-03 19:58:26 (7877445)

    pretty dang awesome

  • Jose's profile pictureJose• 2024-07-02 21:19:45 (7877205)

    As a former tournament smash player, it's weird to see Bowser having a shoryuken up smash and a forward Aerial that spikes, he's truly op lol

  • Ronman®'s profile pictureRonman®• 2024-06-30 19:50:37 (7876397)
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  • Luna's profile pictureLuna• 2024-06-30 15:07:34 (7876343)
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  • Sonic069's profile pictureSonic069• 2024-06-30 07:25:52 (7876282)
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  • best's profile picturebest• 2024-06-30 03:41:26 (7876260)

    u already know i loved those red screen flashes :3

  • jeromis's profile picturejeromis• 2024-06-29 23:44:15 (7876216)

    Thanks nick for this tornoment series it was very entertaining watching all the parts, I really enjoyed.

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June 29th, 2024 19:48:39
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The Grand Finale (Bowser's Inside Story) V.A. 2013 Starts at 00:36