Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255. Lost a friend back in 2014, we were best friends on hatena she never got around to trying sudo. Her username was CrimsonD and she'll forever be in my heart. Happy birthday ya irish dork~

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  • Blaine's profile picture Blaine2020-04-04 15:50:07 (6958225)
    Drawn comment by Blaine
  • HelloAdree's profile picture HelloAdree2020-04-01 04:41:41 (6953400)

    We all can go through this together! Just keep smiling! <3

  • HelloAdree's profile picture HelloAdree2020-04-01 04:40:40 (6953399)

    Nice! Always glad to see your work :)
    (I switched accounts lol)

  • RoastJXB's profile picture RoastJXB2020-03-24 16:37:54 (6945561)

    this hit me hard man we hope sees good up there : (

  • souluwux2020-03-20 23:14:18 (6942601)
    Drawn comment by souluwux
  • ShadowFox's profile picture ShadowFox2020-03-20 07:09:10 (6942269)

    Man. This hits you hard... Cant imagine how hard its been on you. But good job keeping their memory alive. Take care, buddy.

  • ☆StarGlow☆'s profile picture ☆StarGlow☆2020-03-20 01:05:19 (6942018)
    Drawn comment by ☆StarGlow☆
  • 「ABEL」's profile picture 「ABEL」2020-03-17 12:11:20 (6939586)
    Drawn comment by 「ABEL」
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